Service Partner Program

Our Mission

The mission of The Pathology Network (TPN) is to ensure that patients receive high quality and reliable lab test results on-time, wherever they are in Africa. The purpose of the TPN Service Partner Program is to invite you to become a partner in this mission – together we can change healthcare.


We understand that the advanced laboratory tests we support are not commonly available in most healthcare facilities. Our innovative online workflow system gives clinicians in those facilities access to the best local and global laboratory and pathology talent available to help their patients in the diagnostic journey.

Many times, clinicians have questions on how to prepare a sample for analysis. They are often inexperienced in sample fixation and packaging or they may not know which information is critical for laboratory processing. 

When these issues arise, the service partners from this program will provide on-the-ground support to the clinician – helping them to get accurate results for their patient. You can become this partner to the clinicians in your town or city.

Who Is Eligible To Join This Program?

All trained and licensed laboratory technologists with at least two years of practice experience are eligible to apply for this program. Laboratory technologists who are currently associated with TPN in any way are also eligible to apply.

Responsibilities Of Licensed TPN Service Partners

We aim for each licensed partner to support at least 5 clinicians – acting as a personal laboratory service partner for advanced/referred tests. The partners will support their clinicians by providing on-demand technical consultation and assistance for advanced tests accessed through the TPN system. Partners will be responsible for ensuring the integrity of pre-analytical processes as well as assisting in building the clinician’s knowledge on the analytical and post-analytical processes involved in their test results.

Supported TPN Tests

  • Histology
  • Cytology
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Peripheral blood films
  • Trephine biopsies
  • Bone Marrow Aspirates
  • HPV DNA testing

Partnership Activities

  • Training individual or group of clinicians
  • Practical demonstrations
  • Telephone consultations to clinicians
  • Audits and assessments

Partners will be responsible for ensuring the integrity of the pre-analytical processes for each referred laboratory test ordered by their clinician. They will also assist in building the clinician’s knowledge on the analytical and post-analytical processes which affect test results. We expect that clinicians will build long-term relationships with their partners and that they will learn from each other as well as learn from the resources which TPN will provide. We expect both the licensed partners and their partner clinicians will grow together over time and become increasingly effective in working as a team to provide quality healthcare in their community.

TPN will hold the licensed partner responsible for the quality of samples submitted to TPN by their client clinicians. The satisfaction of the ordering clinician with the diagnostic testing process will be a key indicator of the partner’s quality of service and performance.

Compensation and Terms

Each partner will receive a one-year license which authorises them to serve their assigned clinicians and to receive a 4 – 10% commission on each laboratory test ordered by their clinicians.


Partnership Levels

A long-term goal of this program is to build the expertise of laboratory technologists in supporting laboratory tests which are referred to external laboratories. We invite our partners to grow into experts through the partnership levels below. 

Basic Level

  • Understands the core scientific principles underlying all the tests supported by TPN
  • Able to address key pre-analytical issues pertaining to each test
  • Understands the basics of quality assurance and quality control
  • A fundamental understanding of the TPN workflow process
  • Understands the ethics of medical communication
  • A basic understanding of medical-legal aspects of laboratory medicine
  • Understands TPN processes to ensure patient safety

Advanced Level

  • Minimum 6-months as a successful Basic-Level TPN Service Partner 
  • Has an advanced understanding of the analytical and post-analytical processes for each test and their impact on treatment choice and outcomes
  • An advanced understanding of the quality processes and standards used in delivery of advanced lab results
  • Demonstrates an advanced understanding of TPN’s workflow

Expert Level

  • Minimum 6-months as a successful Advanced-Level TPN Service Partner 
  • An expert level, in-depth understanding of the pre-analytical, post-analytical and analytical aspects of individual TPN supported tests and their clinical impact
  • Demonstrates advanced communication, judgement and leadership skills
  • Able to train other partners, advise institutions and provide international consultancy on test referral.

Service Partner Training

TPN is committed to equipping our partners with the skills and knowledge they need to serve their designated clinicians. TPN invests in the partners through dedicated trainings and demonstrations. The initial training for basic level partnership will take place over two weeks starting on the 8th of January 2024.

Program Registration

There is a program registration fee of Ksh 3500 per partner for basic level partnership. Advanced level and expert level partner registration are not currently available. Once registered, you will receive further information regarding program training and activation.

Geographical Focus

TPN is actively looking for partners to service clinicians in:

  1. Northern Kenya
  2. Central Kenya
  3. Nairobi
  4. The South Rift region
  5. Kisii region
  6. Nyanza region
  7. Eastern region

The details of the specific towns and counties are indicated on the application form. In the future we will extend our focus further afield into other counties and countries. We are currently not recruiting partners in the Kenyan coastal region or outside of Kenya. 

Registration for the service partner program is closed. Thank you for your interest. 

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