Bridging Borders, Enhancing Healthcare

The Pathology Network's Services for The African Pathology Community

The Pathology Network (TPN) extends its expertise beyond borders, offering a diverse range of services for international clients in Africa. We understand the unique challenges faced by healthcare providers in diverse settings across the continent, and are committed to enhancing diagnostic capabilities through innovative solutions.

Pathology Services

For histology tests, TPN offers two flexible options:

  • Shipping and reporting: Through our unique, software-enhanced, diagnostic workflow system, TPN facilitates seamless shipment of your histology specimens from your laboratory in your country, through our network’s infrastructure, to a partner processing laboratory in Kenya. The cases are processed here and reported by our highly qualified network pathologists. This ensures secure, prompt and accurate diagnosis.
  • Empowering labs to process and avail cases for reporting: TPN also offers international laboratories the opportunity to become one of our international processing labs. Through tailored training programs, international laboratories are equipped with the skills to process their own histology specimens into slides. This is the first step in making the slides available for reporting through our software. 

The next step is to enable digitization of those slides and integration with our secure software platform. For this process, TPN facilitates access to digital pathology slide scanners. International cases can then be efficiently diagnosed by our network pathologists, providing timely and reliable results.


In addition to histology, the system is also equipped to handle the shipping, processing and reporting of cytology specimens for the following tests:


  • Fluid cytology
  • Fine Needle Aspirates (FNAs)
  • Cervical “Pap” smears

Moreover, we now offer comprehensive HPV DNA testing, including sample shipment, processing, and reporting.


What this means is that doctors treating patients all over Africa can order any of these tests right from the healthcare facility where they practise. Following collection at the facility, their patients’ samples are then shipped to one of TPN’s partner processing laboratories for processing either, inside their home country, or elsewhere in Africa. The results are then accurately relayed back to the clinician, by way of a pathology report, in a secure and efficient manner. 

Each step along the diagnostic workflow system, from test ordering, to shipping logistics, as well as communication between the pathologist and the clinician by way of pathology reports, is supported by TPN’s comprehensive software.

Digital Lab Consulting

Sustainable Diagnostic Infrustructure

The Pathology Network collaborates with healthcare facilities in Africa to establish compliant pathology operations within their own facilities. We guide you through the process of setting up your lab as a TPN international processing laboratory and incorporating our software, all the while ensuring adherence to local regulations and fostering a sound and sustainable pathology diagnostic infrastructure.

Governmental Impact

Optimising Pathology Workflows

Recognizing the crucial role of governments in shaping and maintaining healthcare landscapes, The Pathology Network provides targeted consultation services for African governments. We work collaboratively to integrate your local healthcare facilities and pathologists within your country’s unique healthcare workflow, providing our cutting-edge software platform to optimize your diagnostic pathways and improve health outcomes for your citizens.

Technology and Collaboration

Building the Future of Pathology


By harnessing technology and fostering collaboration, TPN aims to bridge geographical divides to elevate diagnostic capabilities for the global pathology community. Contact us today to explore how our services can empower your healthcare journey.