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Enabling Equal Access to Quality Diagnosis

Most patients in Africa do not have affordable and reliable access to critical laboratory diagnostic tests when they need them. The Pathology Network was designed to make these tests available to them, affordably and efficiently.

Our dream is that every African will be able to access the diagnostic test they need regardless of their geographical location.


We realize that there is great variation in the pathology diagnostic services which most patients and their doctors experience. Often, a pathology report is needed to decide on how to treat the patient, it is frustrating for the doctor and potentially fatal for patient to wait for weeks for this report.

We have standardized pricing, timing and quality to ensure a predictable diagnostic experience for anyone who uses our services.

Standard timing

We have adopted lean methodology to control every step of the diagnostic process. Our time targets for each step of the process are well documented and our team carefully monitors each test along its journey to keep it within those limits.

We have developed a standard 7-day turn-around-time for histology and 3-day turn time around time for cytology. We are proud to have a 85 – 90% success rate. One of the keys to successfully maintaining this turn-around-time is distributing diagnostic work amongst a large pool of qualified pathologists.

Standard Quality

We have defined quality standards for all levels of the pathology diagnostic process. The quality of a pathology report begins with appropriate sample collection from the patient and ends with a verified and standardized pathology report.

We work with qualified and licensed pathologists and audited pathology laboratories to constantly monitor and improve quality standards.

Standard Pricing

High direct and indirect costs of diagnosis are a barrier to quality healthcare for millions of patients across the developing world. In Kenya we have created a predictable and sustainable pricing model reducing the cost of diagnosis and allowing hospitals, patients , doctors and insurers to plan healthcare spending.

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What our service offering does...

For Hospitals

Most hospitals outsource the specialized tests needed for rare or serious diagnoses.

We make this test referral process efficient, reliable, transparent and hassle-free. It also gives access to affordable continuous training in the best diagnostic practice for clinical staff.

For Laboratory

TPN provides labs with access to a tailor-made, affordable LIMS(Laboratory Information Management System) that allows them to leverage a pool of remote pathologists and other specialized laboratory staff.

This increases the number of hospitals that each laboratory can serve and comes with continuous support in QA/QC.

For Pathologist

Qualified pathologists, senior laboratory technologists and laboratory scientists can join.

Through our platform, they serve a wide range of member laboratories and hospitals on our online platform as well as have access to offline consultancy opportunities.