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We believe every patient deserves access to timely advanced laboratory tests needed for their diagnosis and treatment. We are building a future where African patients have tech-powered access to the lab tests they need, when they need them, from wherever they live. 

Working with a network of like-minded partners and leveraging innovative technologies, we are breaking the systemic barriers that have denied quality healthcare to many African peoples – one test at a time.

The Diagnostic Access Problem

Africa’s laboratory diagnostic access problem is complex and multifaceted, being simultaneously both silent and debilitating. Millions of African patients each year lack access to the advanced laboratory tests they need for diagnosis and treatment of diseases like cancer, extra-pulmonary tuberculosis or immune-mediated diseases. This often leads to delayed diagnosis, misdiagnoses or even no diagnosis at all. 

A Sustainable Technology Solution

The Pathology Network (TPN) is a Kenya-based, Africa-focused health-technology company operating in the referred laboratory testing space. We are transforming healthcare provision in Africa by enhancing the lab diagnostic capacity of hospitals – connecting them to a local and global network of pathologists. As a digital intermediary, we connect patients and their doctors to the complex world of pathology and laboratory medicine while also moderating interactions to ensure consistent quality of lab results and diagnostic services.

The digital infrastructure we are building allows for efficient inter-facility specimen referral workflow and efficient use of existing laboratories and human resources.

We understand that the gravity of the laboratory access problem is often hidden from public view due to the back-office nature of medical laboratory services. For example queues of unattended, sick patients standing outside a hospital would call for immediate action, however delayed volumes of unprocessed patient samples in a laboratory are not nearly as obvious to a health system observer. While weak or broken laboratory systems are not always visible, their impact is a daily burden borne by the patients and doctors who use them.

Solving for the systemic causes of these lab testing challenges requires systemic solutions and The Pathology Network provides some of these solutions including national sample workflow management and remote tissue pathology reporting services.

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TPN was built by pathologists to solve the challenges faced by surgical pathologists delivering diagnostic services to patients in low-resource settings. The original TPN software was launched in 2019 in Meru – a small town in rural Kenya. Its aim was to connect and support surgical pathologists running solo pathology practices across Kenya. It was designed to help pathologists work more efficiently and collaborate through a remote workflow powered by digital pathology. TPN has since evolved and matured into a service supporting other types of tests with a geographical reach extending across Kenya and beyond. TPN’s support for surgical pathology practice remains a strong part of TPN culture and is a testament to TPN’s roots in the surgical pathology lab.

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The Pathology Network fundamentally transforms health care delivery. Doctors are given a greater confidence with access to an extensive network of experts and a new way to consult with their colleagues. Hospitals can have greater reliability and serve more of the community. Patients can rely on faster, reliable diagnosis. Join our network today.

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