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We envision a future where healthcare is equitable and accessible to all, and are committed to working tirelessly towards that dream. We believe that by leveraging technology and innovation, we can overcome the barriers that have historically prevented many people in Africa from accessing quality healthcare.

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The Pathology Network is a Kenyan-based healthtech company founded in 2017 by Dr. Joshua Kibera. The network was born in a little, cramped rural pathologist’s office, while he ran a solo pathology practice in Meru, a rural town in Kenya. Dr Kibera believed that a cloud-based platform connecting hospitals to pathology labs and pathologists could potentially solve Africa’s pathology human resource problem.

At the time, approximately 40% of Kenyan pathologists practiced outside of Nairobi. Despite a severe national shortage of pathologists, these rural pathologists were entirely under-utilized as there was no system for hospitals to determine which pathology labs and pathologists were nearby. Pathology laboratories and pathologists also lacked specialized software to run their labs and communicate pathology test reports securely to the doctor who ordered these tests.

Over two years working with several developers, Dr. Kibera developed a unified cloud-based platform connecting hospitals to pathology labs and pathologists – which became The Pathology Network.



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The Pathology Network fundamentally transforms health care delivery. Doctors are given a greater confidence with access to an extensive network of experts and a new way to consult with their colleagues. Hospitals can have greater reliability and serve more of the community. Patients can rely on faster, reliable diagnosis. Join our network today.

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